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FL Studio Skins 

FL Studio is awesome... those of us who have it surely know that... although the appearance of the interface can be somewhat boring, and us artistic people need inspiration to create our music!

The default interface for FL Studio (version 7)

Ever wanted to change the way FL Studio looks? Is it starting to look boring or ugly even? No problem! We have PLENTY of free skins for you to download!

Special note: Most skins work fairly well with a higher version, so for example, FL Studio 7 skins may work with FL Studio 8. However the higher the version the more likely there will be changes to the Toolbars and/or Buttons which means those parts probably won't match. Still, try your luck if you don't have a matching version, you never know...

(contact us if you would like your skin on this list - all skins are welcome!)

Click one of the links below to download the skin!

FL Studio 9

- Proteus
- Coldfusion
- Skull
- Graffitti

FL Studio 8

- jth noBack
- jth Amp
- Proteus
- Charcoal v1.2
- EdisQin
- nFlux Platinum
- Black Ninja
- Strobed Skin Pack
- iFL Skin
- The MF Shiny Skin
- The MF Green Skin
- Soft Skin (modded)
- Ecstasy Skin
- SHUHERsoft Skins (multiple)
- The Dark Skin (SHUHERsoft)
- FL-Zone Red
- Shiva Fractal

FL Studio 7

- Energy Skin-Pack
- Touch Skin-Pack
- Laid Back and Blue
- Spiral
- BLUe clock
- jth
- jth v2
- BluLiTE
- Narcotic Desserts
- Charcoal
- Simple
- EdisQin
- nFlux Platinum
- sTeel